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With over 30 years experience designing golf courses and playing tournament golf all over the world, our golf course designers have become enamored with the creative variety and diversity of golf holes, tactically, strategically and aesthetically. The goal of our design team is to design a golf course that acknowledges and enhances the owner’s objectives. The result is a beautiful golf course that blends with its natural surroundings; a course that is enjoyable to play and yet a challenge to golfers along a wide spectrum of ability; and a course that is efficient to maintain. We pride ourselves on the creativity and discipline of our design work which enables the experienced golf course constructor or construction manager to finish the golf course project on time and within budget.

Every Tournament Players Design (TPD) golf course has its own natural character. Yet each course reflects our uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence as well as a desire to create visually stunning courses that work as one with nature. Nature has a great impact on our golf courses. We are stewards of the land. If we can make a course look as if it has been there for a hundred years or more; encourage and enable people to feel that they are out for “a walk in the park;” and provide a fair though memorable challenge for golfers of all skill levels, we have done our job well! Every golf hole should have something to say to the golfer. That is the secret of a great course. When we do that, everyone is a winner.

With the involvement of tournament players in our designer mix we are able to address the concerns often experienced in golf play – difficulty and fairness. Johnny Miller, our featured golf course designer over many years, illustrates both the concerns and our solution with the following statement: “I think the hardest thing to do as a designer … is to create shots that are challenging but fair for everyone. I see many designers who seem to get it right most of the time but because they’re not good, experienced players, they really don’t know the difference between what’s challenging but fair and what’s hard because it’s unfair. As a player, I think the advantage a professional golfer turned course designer has is his ability to visualize the shot in his head to see if it works – to be sure the shot is fairly created. That is a creative advantage of vast proportion.”

Our business objective is not only to design great golf courses but to develop great relationships. We want our business associates, clients and “patrons of our art” to know that there are honest, hard working and affable people in the golf course design business. We can assure prospective golf course owners and developers that we do what we say we’re going to do and that we are people of integrity. We also subscribe to the philosophy of our long time friend, business associate and featured “tournament player” designer, Johnny Miller, who said, “I found out early on in golf that you have to have balance – balance in your life off the course, balance in your swing and balance in your thinking.” We at Tournament Players Design have a great deal to offer with our timely, creative and professional responses to the business opportunities and challenges of golf course design and development. We also have a tremendous technical advantage in the capabilities of our design staff.



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